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A clay thrower set up for a simulated game shooting experience

Welcome to the South West’s number 1 shooting ground, where your aim is our game!


If you are looking for a really fun day out then a simulated game day is a fantastic way to blow away the cobwebs.  Whilst we look forward to offering Sim Days in Devon for 2024 in the meantime, we are able to offer guns an opportunity to shoot at the famous Brixton Deverill shoot in Wiltshire for a fabulous day out just off the A303.


For teams of up to 18 guns the day begins with a bacon roll before heading off to enjoy two of the realistic game drives before stopping for elevenses.  Another 3 drives follow before retiring back to a local Inn for a post shoot meal. 


A keen shot can expect to fire 250 cartridges though if you want to really go for it then some of our guests have shot up to 750 in one day. The drives are run to mimic the real thing with pauses and breaks in the action as you would find on a real day, rather than a constant hectic procession of clays.

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