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Practice shooting at Ashcombe Shooting Ground

Welcome to the South West’s number 1 shooting ground, where your aim is our game!



Sporting Practice at Ashcombe is open to all license holders, whether a novice or a more experienced shooter you will be sure to find targets that both entertain and test you whatever your ability; our “Blue” fun course is a little easier to manage than our “Red” advanced course and you can chose to try a mixture of both or stick to one of them depending on your mood.  

With a round of more than 400 targets available there’s always plenty of choice with targets from 5 yards out past 50 yards on offer utilizing a huge array of traps that throw standard, Midi, Mini, 70mm, rabbit, battue and rabbue clays.  We are fortunate to have some stunning topography that makes for an ideal environment for Sporting clays that is second to none in the South West and a large percentage of our Sporting course is changed on a monthly basis to ensure that it stays fresh. 

There’s no need to book, just bring your license with you.  Please book in at our upstairs reception in the main building / restaurant when you arrive where clay cartridges are also available as well as hire guns.  If you are bringing non license holders with you, they are able to shoot but must be supervised by a Shotgun certificate holder at all times and we would always recommend that those taking part are covered by suitable 3rd party insurance. 

Please remember we do ask that all practice shooting is done with fibre wads using clay cartridges (not game loads) of 28grams (1 oz) or less.  We also recommend the wearing of eye protection at all times when on the range.  


Solo shooters can use the delay system which is fitted to the majority of our sporting stands as well as our Skeet and Rabbit skeet layouts.  We recommend bringing someone to button for you if shooting the Compact or FITASC Practice layouts as these are not suitable for solo operation.

Our High tower is available to use whenever we are open for practice unless it is being used for a special event / competition.  If you are travelling a long distance to shoot the tower it may be advisable to call us the day before to check if it is open for practice.  

Inclement weather needn’t stop you shooting as we always have plenty of targets available on our covered layouts as well.

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