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Relaoding a shotgun with cartridges

Welcome to the South West’s number 1 shooting ground, where your aim is our game!


We have various Hire Guns available to Shotgun Certificate holders, whether you want to try a different calibre (12, 20 & .410 are available), are in the area and want to shoot but don’t have your gun or would like to introduce friends and family to shooting we are able to supply a hire gun.  Please note, if hiring a gun to teach a non-certificate holder they must be supervised directly by the hiring certificate holder and we would always recommend that anyone shooting is covered by appropriate 3rd party insurance.


We stock a limited range of clay loads for 12, 20 and .410 shotguns.  Our main offering is the Sportsman Gun Centre “SuperSmokers” which are available in 21, 24 and 28 gram loads in 12 gauge.

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