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Ashcombe Browning Masters at Ashcombe Shooting Ground

Welcome to the South West’s number 1 shooting ground, where your aim is our game!


Although a Browning sponsored event this shoot is open to users of any brand of semi auto shotgun.

 Semi auto shotguns are a fun way to shoot clays and for many there is rarely a chance to utilize the autos 3 shot capacity.  Three target shoots offer that chance with a fun and thrilling array of presentations from simultaneous trios to a mix of on report singles and sim pairs in plenty of different combinations.  The 120 target event will utilize the beautiful terrain of Ashcombe and ensure that for all the competitors it is a day to remember.


Our target setter Don Brunt has plenty of experience setting three shot auto events and he is keen for the Maxus Masters to become an annual fixture on the competition calendar.  With the layout built to ensure that shooters of all abilities enjoy the day but that the top shots can still be challenged in places it is set to be an unmissable event.


Browning have kindly supported the event with Prize guns while cartridge prizes and cash payouts in class mean that the prize fund will be worth in excess of £11,000. No wad restrictions are in place for this event.


With £22,000 worth of prizes the Sporting Masters sees the return of the Browning Masters name for the first time in decades, aimed at shooters across the classes and at those who shoot purely for fun the event will take place over 120 targets and 15 stands which will make for a real championship feel.

With the wooded beauty of Ashcombe as the backdrop and a challenging but enjoyable course of fire it is hoped that this will become a shoot that goes from strength to strength.  Served by our onsite restaurant and with competitors being chauffeured to their start point the day will most definitely feel special.

As with the Maxus Masters there is no obligation to shoot a Browning and any make of shotgun can be used to take part. Browning have been hugely generous in their support of the event and it is hoped that this too will become a regular feature of the competition circuit here in the South West, drawing shooters from around the country to Devon. There are no wad restrictions on this event.

Browning Maxus Masters at Ashcombe Shooting Ground



Entry to this amazing event is £65 per person, hit the button below to book your place.



Entry is £65 per person, the event is in squads. Use the button below to book your place.

Browning Sporting Masters at Ashcombe Shooting Ground
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