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Getting Started with Shooting - Nice to meet you

I am a female junior shooter based in Somerset and I have been shooting for just over a year now. I first started shooting by tagging along with my dad and shooting clays every now and again, which soon became a regular thing.

Getting Started with Shooting - Buying your first gun

Buying your first gun can vary depending on your budget and personal preference. But one thing to really focus on when shopping for your first gun should be making sure your gun fits you correctly. Gun fit is unique to everyone depending on if you shoot left or right handed, how tall you are and your body build. Because of this, I would recommend an adjustable stock because it is significantly cheaper than getting a gun fitted at factory and it is also a bonus because if you gain/lose weight or for juniors who are still growing, you can change it as you, the shooter, change.

Getting Started with Shooting - Insurance

For insurance when shooting, I would highly recommend becoming a CPSA member. By filling out a form and paying and annual membership fee CPSA covers; £10 Million civil liability insurance cover for ALL shooting sports; £30,000 Personal Accident cover; Legal expenses cover via their retained specialist Solicitors; £10 Million Professional Indemnity Insurance for Coaches, Instructors, Safety Officers, Referees, affiliated county and regional committee members and volunteers. From being a CPSA member you can also enter registered competitions and will receive 10 Pull! magazines a year.

Getting Started with Shooting - Licencing

You need a firearms certificate issued by the police to possess, buy or acquire a firearm or shotgun. You must also have a certificate to buy ammunition. To apply for a firearm or shotgun certificate you will need to fill out an application form from the firearms licensing unit of your local police force. This includes providing 1 passport photograph, have 2 referees for a firearm certificate and 1 referee for shotgun certificate and pay the fee for the certificate you are applying for. Anyone without a shotgun license can shoot with the supervision of an up-to-date certificate holder who is over the age of 21. Make sure to do research on this to insure what you are doing is legal and safe.

Getting Started with Shooting - Basics and lessons

When it first comes to pulling the trigger you may want to pay for lessons with a professional shooting instructor to help build confidence and learn the basics to get you started. I have personally never had a lesson with a shooting instructor but I am lucky enough to have my dad who has been shooting for nearly 35 years now. Foot work and stance is two things you definitely need to spend time on before even thinking about what the target is doing. Many shooting grounds have suitable tuition stands and targets set up for when you are learning these basics.

Clay Shooting Practice
Clay Shooting

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge Lilia. This is great for young people and females trying to get into the sport.

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