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Ash Dieback Statement

As some of you may be aware Ashcome has undergone some renovation works of late.

Sadly, ash dieback, Hymenoscyphus fraxineus, also known as chalara, is a fungal disease which affects our native ash trees. This infection has unfortunately been present in the ash trees at Ashcombe Shooting Ground. Over recent years

Diseased ash trees are extremely dangerous and unpredictable for anyone near them. As

there is no cure, and most trees are killed by the disease, we along with the land owner have had to take the decision to strip back large swathes of the ground as a safety precaution for our customers as their wellbeing will always be our highest priority.

Of course, the removal of any environment is disappointing, however its removal also means we can now replant this winter to diversify the habitat and the species. It also opens up great and new space on the ground for future endeavours.

Whilst health and safety are our key driver here, we now can also start to see the great

opportunities to aid nature and to create something special for the customers and wildlife alike.

Watch this space!

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