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People with shotguns taking part in a shooting competition

Welcome to the South West’s number 1 shooting ground, where your aim is our game!


Although popular in the US for many years this fun format has only become a CPSA discipline in the past year.  Shot in squads like English Sporting this again features 100 targets but run over 10 stands rather than Sportings 12. These events also take place over three days, utilizing the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of what is usually the middle weekend of the month (Check fixtures) and a referee will accompany the squad around the entire course which will be different every month. 

Whilst English Sporting uses 2 clay traps per stand our SuperSporting events have 3 traps and each stand sees competitors shooting at 2 singles, 3 “on report” pairs and one simultaneous pair.  This allows for a large variation in the presentations which makes it very enjoyable.  Expect to see similar targets to our English Sporting events in terms of difficulty but concentration and following the “Menu” of what is coming next is key to success.  Once again competitors are driven up to their start point in squads so, please do consider what time you need to arrive on site to ensure you are on the “Peg” on time. 

Pricing for “Competition” and “Birds only” is as for English Sporting and again non CPSA members are welcome though we do recommend that shooters join the association to take advantage of its insurance scheme and to be able to have their scores registered in the National classification system.  There are no wad restrictions for these events though shooters must use clay loads rather than game loads. 

Upcoming SuperSporting Competitions

The 100 target SuperSporting competition is shot in squads over 10 positions (stands). These events take place over three days.

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